My Second Year At LGC – USA Summer Camp

“Oh Sami…”

Aah them oh so familiar words that come out of my Camp Director’s mouth when I’ve done something stupid/crazy. But I didn’t expect to hear them in the minivan 5 minutes into my journey from the Lords Valley bus terminal to Lake Greeley Camp… In the bathroom on the bus, I heard the girls shout out to me that we have arrived at Lords Valley. Excitement overwhelmed me and I literally jumped out of that bathroom, grabbed my backpack and didn’t look back. I was so happy to see my Camp Director again but as I watched that bus pull off, I felt instantly sick. I left my phone and jacket on the bus. I could’ve burst into tears as I bought that phone brand new before travelling and didn’t get around to insuring my gadgets.


Everyone tried reassuring me but I just knew that it was gone. I called the bus company the next day and they had found my jacket, but not my phone. I was devastated but there are worse things I could’ve lost and it didn’t dampen my spirits when I arrived at that beautiful place. Lake Greeley Camp.


Lake Greeley Camp is situated in the Pocono Mountains and has been open since 1957. It’s a family- run business and  is a co-ed camp (mixed gender) and offers up to 50+ activities ranging from the arts, all sports to horse riding, archery, paintballing, etc. Etc. They have their own beach! It’s a small one and it’s a squeeze to get everyone on there but it’s a beach nonetheless! And a beautiful lake. #LakeGreeley. I fell in love with this place last year when I arrived here as a first time senior staff member directing the Special Events and Evening Activities. The job is exhausting, but so much fun. I have a ‘Co’ this year! Alex. He’s really cool 🙂 .

The crazy thing about travelling/working abroad is that you get so close to the people you are with as you’re practically living together 24/7 for weeks on end and then, when it’s time to leave and go back into the real world for a bit, everyone vows to stay in touch and it happens for about a few weeks. Then life gets in the way and people go months without speaking to each other. Then you reunite back at camp and it’s like you’ve never been apart. That’s how I feel about camp and the people here. I slip back into place and as cheesy as it sounds, it feels like home. One thing that draws me back to camp is the feeling of content and comfort I have here. So it was amazing to see all them familiar faces again and some new ones too!

To say that we live in a bubble here at camp is an understatement. We almost forget about the outside world and what’s going on even though it was pretty hard to do that with the UK leaving the European Union. Big news in the USA also. Let’s not get into that now. Sore subject. Grandfather is happy though and glad I wasn’t at home to vote ‘Remain’. Anyway, overall, summer camp becomes your life. Your colleagues become your family.  Things that bother you in the real world don’t matter at camp and I’m a lot less stressed than I was last year. I was panicking over something silly and one of the directors pulled me to one side and spoke the wisest of words that I now live by when I’m at camp: “That’s Camp!” #newlifemotto. Whenever something or someone is stressing and going wrong, I speak those wise words. That’s Camp.

Round Two. Let’s do this.

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