who’s welshwanderlust?



I’m just your typical small-town Welsh Valleys girl chasing big dreams.

My travel bug never left me. Every time I landed in a new country, It grew. So after 4 years of building my career in Social Work, I quit. Gave up everything. Gave in to the bug. Ignored society’s disapproval and my family’s concerns. Not once have I ever looked back with regret and longing for my routine life. I broke out from the Valleys of South Wales seeking adventure, and a new life living and working my way around the world. My main objective is to inspire people who want to travel and change their life but just cannot seem to make that first step. Oh, my name? Sami Reed Cleaver. Welcome to my blog 🙂

If you want to read more about me and how I came to my decision to take the plunge, read my article titled: “So It Begins…”

So It Begins…

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