Goodbye Seems To Be The Hardest Word… The Hardest Part of Travelling.

Goodbye. Bon Voyage. See ya. Ta-ra. Laters. So long. Hwyl Fawr. Farewell. Au Revior. Have Fun. BE SAFE…

The words ringing in my ears for the past two weeks as I say my goodbyes to my family, friends, gym gang, work colleagues… It’s been emotional to say the least! Overwhelming. It isn’t until you do something out of the ordinary and crazy like quit your job and leave the country long-term that you realise how many people you have around you and how amazing they are. I’m not a public crier (normally) but tears were being tugged from my eyes saying my goodbyes to these people that I’m leaving behind.

The moment it hit me right in the chest, like a boulder on a bird was when I boarded my bus to London from Cardiff. Three of my brothers came to wave me off as well as my father and step-mother. We did the whole traditional waving and blowing air kisses. Then the bus took off. The two little ones (11 and 9) started to chase the bus across the field opposite. I felt so emotional whilst flapping my arms about, pulling faces on the window. I looked like the local crazy lady with tears threatening to stream down my face. Leaving people behind makes you realise how much they mean to you. I’m so close to my little brothers, it’s awful knowing I’m not going to be around anymore to be a prevalent part of their lives. This is the most difficult part of travelling. Hands down. But it does get easier. Thank god for Skype and technology focused kids. Don’t get me started on my mother and father… I don’t think the all-male cabin crew on my British Airways flight to New York will appreciate an emotional mess of a young girl to deal with when they have ricottas to serve. That’s a scary situation.

So it begins… Thankfully this year I have my Camp BBF Katy to travel with and stay with in London so no more late-night hostel stays on my own in Hounslow like last year! We arrived at the airport early morning. Everything went smoothly, no stress, no hiccups – only the physical ones as we sipped on our glasses of Prosecco at 9am in the morning. Giddy with excitement and anticipation as we board on our long-haul flight to NEW YOOOOORK!!

9am Prosecco is the best kind…

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  1. Hi Sami,
    Well you’ve been gone a week today. Hope its all going good so far. Bet you feel like your right back where you belong. Looking forward to your next bulletin
    Lots of love

    1. Thanks Jill! I’m working on my next article about New York and my first week at Camp. But yes, I’ve slipped right back into place here in the US and feeling very happy!! Hope you’re okay and everything is ticking over nicely at MACS!! Speak to you soon. Lots of love and cwtches xxx

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