[April 19th] Full Moon and What It Means For You: Releasing & Letting Go

[April 19th] Full Moon and What It Means For You: Releasing & Letting Go


| Before you can find yourself, create or make changes in your life, first you must release what is holding you back and let go of anything that doesn’t serve you anymore |


What is the Full Moon all about?

Friday, April 19th is the night of the Full Moon.

The full moon represents the end of a 28-day lunar cycle and it’s when she is at her most energetic peak. It’s when the sun and the moon are in opposite zodiac signs, stimulating tension, vibrancy, and energy. Many people use this limited luminous time to connect to their intuition, inner world, and deepest emotions. Some may set up an intensive full moon ritual to get more in touch with their spiritual practice, others may choose to celebrate in joy, dance and cover themselves with luminous paint at a Full Moon Party.

April’s full moon, in particular, is special for a few reasons according to Astrologists. Not only is it named ‘the pink moon‘ but it’s also the second full moon in Libra. Spiritual Coach Victor Oddo states that this represents completions and endings with an overall theme of releasing.

Releasing and Letting Go

A lot of spiritual work and self-exploration practices are focused on finding your purpose, creating your dream life or changing habits and lifestyles, but before we can start working on those things, we must confront what we are holding onto that needs to be released and connecting with our inner freedom. The vibrancy from the moon can cause people to have extreme ups and downs during this phase, this is the energy transcending from the moon attempting to guide you to these underlying issues and confront them.

Sitting in misery and facing your shadows don’t always mean that you are ‘depressed’ or ‘miserable’, it’s simply part of the healing process. It’s a process of awakening and cleansing yourself of those emotions and thoughts that have helped build your limiting character for so long and will allow you to truly step out into the world as your true self and accept everything about you – your strengths and your flaws.


How do I release and let go?

The first step of letting go is to actually know what you need to release. This requires you to dig down deep into yourself and look around at what isn’t serving you anymore and what needs to go. It’s almost like a mental declutter. It can sometimes help to write these things down or make a list of things that you want to keep in your life and things that need to be released to help you organize your clutter.

It could be negative emotions or self-talk. It could be fear or anxiety. Or maybe it’s time to let go of past trauma, relationships, and decisions that have occurred in your life. Be specific. Instead of writing, “I want to let go of my anxiety”, try writing in detail – “I want to let go of feeling anxious when I interact with other people and those negative beliefs of rejection that come up to the surface”.

Maybe you need to forgive someone or yourself for something that has happened in the past and you want to finally let go of any bitterness and resentment you feel towards that person or a particular decision you may have made and you’re finally ready to forgive.

Once you’ve made your list, get yourself ready to meditate in a comfortable position, preferably outside with the full moon shining down on you – maybe put on some relaxing music to help. Open up your notebook if you have decided to write them down, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Once in a state of relaxation, ask the moon to give you the strength and energy to let go of the things you have chosen to say goodbye to. Visualize giving this baggage to the moon to take with her as she ends her cycle and starts a new chapter.

Practice some affirmations based on what you are releasing:

“ I release my negative thoughts of self-doubt when I want to learn new things”

“ I release my mistrust in people and open myself up to love, connections and relationships”

“I forgive myself what I have done in my past”

What’s next?

End your meditation by giving thanks, praying or repeating mantras. Many people will be skeptical of this ritual and may not “feel” anything afterward, but trust your subconscious and the energy of the moon. You did your bit by delving into the darkness and confronting your shadows, let them care take of the rest and soon enough you will more calm, happy and content within yourself to move forward into practices of self-development and improvement.

Now is the time while the full moon shines fully tonight (April 19th). By tomorrow, she begins a new cycle and new beginnings will start to emerge.


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