welcome to welshwanderlust

Born and raised in the Welsh valleys, I worked in Education Social Work for five years dipping my toes in the travel pond when the time came at the age of 26 to cut off the chains around my comfort zone, spread my wings and dived in head first into said travel pond and have been swimming ever since. I started out my journey in America working in USA Summer Camps before delving into Teaching in Thailand. Fast forward a few more work abroad opps, and travel expos and now I’m currently living in Bangkok, Thailand with my partner working as a Kindergarten Teacher and Freelance Writer.

Everyone has their dreams – mine is to be a full-time Freelance Writer – I’m working on it! I hope you’re working on making your dreams come true. Whether it’s to travel the world, find that special someone or just to be that little bit happier in your daily lives, I hope this blog can give you the quirky read that you need to kick your ass and make changes while giving you inspiration and advice on everything to do with life’s adventures. 

Your Life is your Story. Write Well. Edit Often”

Check in with me and say hello or if you would like to work with me, click here for the contact page.


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