Facing Fears, Rock Slides & Mountain Cats in Zion National Park.

Facing Fears, Rock Slides & Mountain Cats in Zion National Park. Monument Valley, Arizona → Zion National Park, Utah: 3hours 44mins – 226miles. There’s nothing like the feeling you get when you go to a place you’ve never been before. It’s a different kind of excitement. An anticipation. Not knowing what to expect or what Continue Reading

Hiking through Grand Canyon Thunderstorms: "The rain was a godsend… until I started to chafe."

Phoenix, Arizona → Grand Canyon, Arizona: 3hr 25mins. 228miles. We arrived into the Grand Canyon Village around 10pm and bought a Annual National Park Pass which is $80 and allows entry into all National Parks in America for the year. Worked out much cheaper for us all to pay $20 than to purchase single entries which Continue Reading

Our American Road-Trip 2016 Begins! Phoenix, Arizona: From Car Slumming to a Luxury Villa Visit – Cactus Included.

So after working at Lake Greeley Summer Camp in Pennsylvania for 10 weeks, it was only right that we rewarded ourselves with an epic road-trip across the beautiful states! I’ve visited these states once before but there’s something about this place that draws me back time and time again and I’m still mesmerised and captivated Continue Reading