Life is too short. I don’t believe that life is meant to be lived in one place. I yearn for excitement and I thrive off adventure. I am creating my own journey through travel and creating a life living and working my way around the world to be who I want to be and not what society expects me to be.
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I spent 4 years travelling in and out of America and am undeniably obsessed with the country. For stories, tips and advice on working USA Summer Camps and planning USA Road trips, follow:…/american-adventures
I spent 6 months teaching TEFL in Thailand to students from the age of 5 to 12. To read more on this exhausting, yet amazing time of my life, click on:…tegory/teaching-tefl
I lived in Krabi, Thailand for under a year. During this time, I have become accustomed to the culture, lifestyle and the place itself. If Thailand tickles your fancy, follow:…y/living-in-thailand for stories, advice and an immersion into their culture!
Travelling South East Asia: For travel tips, stories and inspiration, follow:…gory/south-east-asia
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