My name is Samantha Cleaver and also known as ‘welshwanderlust’ for my undeniable love for adventure and excitement and curiosity. And I don’t just mean travelling and discovering new countries and places, I mean life in general. I believe life is a journey in itself which should be a book only written by you. And sometimes we go through journeys that we’re thrown onto through no choice of our own! So with this blog, I intend on stuffing you with my share of knowledge, advice and info on all things adventurous – from travel, working abroad, keeping your mental health in check to empowering you as a woman to live the life you’ve always intend to.

“Your Life is your Story. Write well. Edit Often”

Originally from Wales, currently living in Bangkok, Thailand with my partner – come with me on my own journey through this world as I travel, experience, cry and try to make sense of that something we call LIFE.  *WARNING – said path may lead to the bar for well-needed cocktails*

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